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Dads Deal With Life’s Ups and Downs

We can get stressed by changes in our lives, but we can help our kids and ourselves if we know how to face them.  This is a great article I want to share with you on how dads can have a positive influence on their families by how they deal with life’s changes. You’ll really like the “Action Points” in this article. They give you great steps to take to overcome some of the stress dads and kids face during transitions and changes.

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Dealing with Family & Work

We dads and granddads get busy at work and sometimes have a hard time balancing all our work responsibilities with the needs of our families. I want to share some great insights from The Championship Fathering blog by Carey Casey with you. He’s thought about this a lot and has a lot of good ideas on how to deal with this work/family dilemma.

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Ten Things To Teach Your Daughter

I wanted to pass along these ten hints on how to give your daughter a great start. Every dad wants to do the best for his daughter. These ten things are what every girl needs to hear from her father. Click below to go to the list of ten things:


Want to be a better Dad?

We’d all like to be better Dads. But, where do you start? This is a great 4-step method that encourages us to “just improve everyday by 1%.” It gives “Four Ways to be a Better Dad, Today.” That sounds doable doesn’t it? I think you’ll get some good tips from this article. Just click the picture below to read more.


No “Put-downs”

Kids are people. Now that seems like an obvious thing to say. But dads sometime seem to forget that.

For example you’re at a store and you hear a man say sternly to his kid loud enough for all to hear, “stop acting so stupid” or “shut-up you are really getting to me” or…well you know just fill in the blanks.

These are put-downs. They are remarks to insult the person and “show him/her who the boss is”! Put-downs have no place in a dad’s bag of tricks.

Sure kids need correction and sometimes need to be admonished but there is a way to do that that shows love and respect for the kid. The first thing to remember is that kids are people, vulnerable people at that. As children they are completely dependent on you. Sure they want their way but they also want to please.

When I say kids are people what I am talking about is that they have feelings and can be embarrassed and hurt and in fact can be damaged by what you say and how you say it.

Think about it. How do you feel if someone who is important to you or in a position of authority says something insulting to you? Do you laugh it off or do you feel violated?

No one likes to be put-down, especially kids. So when you need to correct them, do it with respect. You can bend down and quietly say into his or her ear what you expect of them.   But don’t make it rough.  They need your tender love and respect.

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Pay Attention There is a lot going on.

My wife and I were in a Dairy Queen one hot Kentucky Sunday in June having ice cream. It was busy. We were in a booth near the counter and a dad walked up to place his order for the four kids with him. One was probably his and the rest neighbors or teammates.

This good dad was trying to figure out the menu, what to offer the kids, how to say “no” to banana splits while convincing them of another choice. Lots of confusion as these ten year olds were jumping and pointing and pulling.

Amid all this confusion, one boy sees the ice cream cakes displayed in the brightly lighted case. He points to the cakes and says, “Hey Dad look at these! We should get you this for Father’s Day!”

Regrettably, this dad was too busy to hear this and continued on course to place his order. Mary Jane and I have told this story many times. This enterprising kid was trying to get an ice cream cake into his house by “treating” his dad to it for Father’s Day. Very cute.

Now I am not in any way criticizing this dad for not paying attention to this request. But I know that if it registered at all in his consciousness, it would bring him a smile. And what a joy it would have been to the family, if on Father’s Day this dad showed up with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!  That kid would have been so proud and would feel so important.

All this is to say, that no matter how distracted you may be, or busy and hassled, try to hear and notice what is going on with your kids. Look for the little gems that are dropped each day, and let them know you hear them and you care.

Finally, please do not take away from this that I am suggesting that you spoil your kids! No. Never. What I am saying is that your little ones are always reaching out to you for attention and respect. Try to always find ways to make sure they get it.