2 thoughts on “Kid Counts Down from 21

  1. Vito Mussomeli

    I expected a cute video of a 3 year old counting backwards from 21, a genial precociousness to make a day happy. Instead, this listing of travesty and deprivation by a young man about his alcoholic father. This fellow is highly talented and I hope this video reaches an extensive audience. The artistic mechanism of going backward in life, a return to innocence (the great and continuous human dream) helps emphasize the heartbreak we’re witnessing and he has lived.

    Alcoholic lives have repercussions down generations. Our actions as parents imprint on the hearts and minds of our children and unwittingly or not, they imprint some or all of the same on their children – even if they are not alcoholic. Most of us have seen and lived with those effects much of our lives.

    I want to congratulate this young poet for the courage and use of talent he obviously has. My prayers are for him to outlive his alcoholic father and live the life our Creator imprinted in him before the buzz saw he met here. He certainly has the heart and intelligence and budding character to do so. I wish him Godspeed and the joys of his dreams.

  2. Patrick E. Ward

    It is difficult to watch this young man. It would help if we knew who his audience is. I hope it is an Al Anon or Al Ateen group, because he needs the understanding and healing only they can provide him. It is the intensity of his anger that most disheartens me. One of the two main tenets he must learn (and they come from Al Anon) are:

    1. You didn’t make your father an alcoholic and you cannot cure him from this affliction.

    2. You have a problem that needs work, because your happiness is not dependent upon anyone but you, just as only your father can solve his problem.

    There is a lot more, but he should go humbly to Al Anon and join the meeting, get a sponsor and get on with his life. While his presentation may provide some temporary catharsis, he needs to see what is really going on with his anger and how caustic it can be. Then he needs to learn how to shed it.


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