All About You…

Tis the season of rushing, gifting, eating, drinking and trying to be jolly. All the anticipation and all the responsibilities of being a Dad during the holidays can be real hard to deal with. So in this post I am going to encourage you to look after yourself as you look after others. Enjoy the season!

Try to do what you can to keep things cheerful and pleasant.
You will be more relaxed if you do.

Try to show others a good time. You will be more satisfied with the results.

Try to do things that make everyone you meet better because they met you.
You will be in charge.

Take time to listen to others, carefully and thoughtfully and respond sincerely.
You will be appreciated.

Give time to others, children, spouse, family and friends.
You will feel their joy.

Read to your kids and grandkids while sitting close to them and speaking in soft tones.
It creates lasting memories of you.

Try not to correct your children in front of others. Realize they are excited and tired and really often not on their best behavior on holidays. Go easy on them. A gentle father, understanding, loving and supportive is the best instruction a child can receive.

You will enjoy the holidays if you look after yourself, not by indulging yourself by being the boss and the center of everything. Rather you will make a mark during the holidays and throughout the year if you consider the impact you have on your children. Successful dads have self-esteem and self-control and they teach their children more by what they do then by what they say.

By the way, if you know other dads who would like to know about The Manual for Dads please tell them. And let me know what you think. Remember Better Dads, Better Kids, A Better World for All.

3 thoughts on “All About You…

  1. Matt

    Wonderful post. Great advice as always from a great man, father and grandfather! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

  2. mlhjgh1949

    I think you are correct about the importance of self esteem in a parent. Years ago, I worked with survivors of abuse, and I soon realized that in every abusive relationship there were two people with low self esteem. The perpetrator abused in order to feel in control or stronger. But the abused individual allowed it because they felt unworthy of better treatment.

    1. fatherdaddypop Post author

      Yes self-esteem is so important. It is not the same as self-importance rather it is a recognition of the fact that you are a person, able to love, respect all of life and respect yourself and others. Aware of weaknesses and always willing to learn from mistakes and know how to say “I’m sorry”.


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