Happy Mother’s Day, Dad

Just a short post today as we celebrate Mother’s Day.
First of all we all need to show our own mothers special love and respect on this day. Our kids are always watching us so they will notice how you talk about and treat your mother or the memory of her if she is gone.
Next it is important to make sure your kids do something special for their mothers on this day, no matter how old they are. If it is late in the day and your college kid has not called or something, get on the phone or text them and remind them to call Mom.
I fully realize that some families have all sorts of problems surrounding parenting. If the mother is missing from the family this is no time to badmouth her. Speak of her with compassion and understanding. She may be troubled or have other problems that don’t allow her to function well but she is still your kid’s mom and worthy of respect. Kids need to be reminded that they are not the cause of their mother’s problems.
Mother’s Day is a day for joy and love. Try to find a way to help your kids celebrate their mothers. And if nothing else tell your kids about your mother, step-mother, grand-mother. They will love hearing about her or them, and you will be revealing something about yourself.
Have a happy Mother’s Day, Dad.

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