Guest post on dads and daughters

As daughters many of us felt our dads were too busy, too distracted, and too often thinking of work. The father/daughter relationship is one that has been written about for decades and remains a mystery. We either marry the opposite or try to find a man just like daddy. There is no middle ground.

My father passed away in August after ten years of emergency room visits, surgeries, and moves, all guided by me. The best thing I did to grow closer to the busy, super intelligent man who was my father, was to start a tradition that went on for 15 years. I invited him to a formal banquet every year known as the father/daughter formal gala.

I always wanted him to take me somewhere special but he was very frugal with his money. I bought the tickets for his birthday each year. I have 15 memory photos from the occasions. We had an agreement that I could ask him one question each year and he would have to give me a serious answer, with no joking around.

There is more to the story but in short we were given a place of honour at our 15th event. I wrote our story for the program….and now he is gone.   My brother and I gave the tribute at his funeral and I told everyone that I knew 15 things about my dad that likely many others didn’t know, all because of a tradition that I started.

–Maureen Haddock,
Daughter, mother of two girls, wife, author, thinker and doer.

One thought on “Guest post on dads and daughters

  1. Dan Conway

    I am a busy, distracted, thinking of work too often Dad. Your message helped me realize that I don’t have to wait for one of my four daughters to invite me to a formal dinner. I can take the lead. Four dinners a year is a great way to get to know my adult daughters! Thanks for the tip!


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