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Last week I attended a conference on Fathers and Families in Louisville, Ky. It was excellent. One of the things that came from it for me was making me aware of the organization 2not1 Fatherhood and Families. This is a grass roots effort to help dads take responsibility for their kids and stay active in their lives. Many of those involved in this effort are volunteers and very dedicated to helping dads do their best.

One of the things I really like is the Pledge they offer to fathers. It really does a great job of outlining the obligations and responsibilities of fatherhood and dadding. I took the pledge and urge you to do the same. I suggest that when you do, make the pledge out loud, it is a powerful commitment. As usual I would like to know what you think.

Fatherhood and Responsible Manhood Pledge to Family and Community

I agree to take the pledge to:

Be a responsible man in the community to provide
for the safety and well-being of my children;

Serve as an example of positive male leadership to assist, guide,
and direct children in the community who don’t have a father;

Respect women and advocate against the violence and sexual assault of women;

Fight against child abuse and neglect and speak out when I see it;

Walk and hold myself accountable to my children, family, community,
and people I engage;

Use my strengths to strengthen the community;

Recognize the areas of my life that are short comings and do my due diligence to overcome them, to be the best I can for my family and community;

Protect my wife and children, if necessary, at the expense of my life;

Provide guidance for my children and teach them to respect their family,
themselves, and the community;

Teach my children to be responsible and accountable in their lives;

Promote humility and discipline in my children to not demean, mistreat, abuse,
or bully other children;

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