Welcome to The Manual for Dads

Child on dad's shouldersI am a dad and granddad. Throughout my years on dadding duty I have never been able to locate the manual for dads!   So let’s create that manual together, starting right now.

In my blog I will share stories about dads and kids, offer insights I have had as a dad and as an observer of other dads, call upon experts for advice, and ask you to share in developing The Manual for Dads.  The Manual, like parenting, is going to be a work in progress.

“Dadding”is the term I like to use for the activity of being a dad. Fathering sort of implies procreation but dadding means all the things you do for and with your kids. It means not just “doing” but also caring, respecting, guiding, loving your kids at every stage of their lives.

Nothing in my blog will suggest that a mother isn’t equally important to a father. But here we will just deal with being a dad.  I will be reminding you from time to time that whether you are called father, daddy, pop or something else, you are the most important man in your kid’s life.

I like to say: Better dads, better kids, a better world for all.  A good dad is the cornerstone of a child’s life.  He teaches his kids about life, shows them how to relate to and respect others, and he helps them develop self-reliance and self-control. His goal is to raise responsible kids who will grow into responsible adults. So what you teach to your children, especially by your example, they pass on to their children, and the world becomes a better place.

So who am I to talk about dadding?  Good question. I am a man who has spent his married life raising my two kids in partnership with their mother and am now enjoying time with our grandkids.  Professionally I produce and distribute educational media for the general education market nationwide. My specialty is affective skill development.  Affective education deals with issues related to helping people lead happy, healthy well-balanced lives.  If you are interested please click through to About and you will see more about my professional stuff.

Please let me hear from you. What do you want to see in The Manual? We can deal with all things related to relationships between dads and kids.  Please check in often as I intend to add new material regularly. And please let other dads know about us.

The Manual for Dads is for dads who love their kids.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to The Manual for Dads

  1. Ben

    What a great resource! As a relatively new dad, I’m really excited to get some thoughts from people who have been around the block a few more times than I have.

  2. Jed

    Uncle Mike,
    This blog looks fantastic! I am also a new (for the second time) dad, and I have already relized that I have forgotten in three short years everything I did with my first! I will be checking in often!

    1. Carl

      Looks really good. I’m sure we can thank Peter for that, so thanks, Pete. Best of luck to you, Uncle Mike! If the replies above are any indication, I’m sure it will be a success.

  3. Peter Cooper

    When I first became a father, I said (only half jokingly), “Hey–this kid didn’t come with a manual.” Now I and others no longer have that excuse. I especially like Mike’s idea of “writing The Manual for Dads Together.” I’ve worked with Mike on several video production projects over the last dozen or so years, and have seen his skill as a director–in particular, his ability to lead collaborative efforts that draw on the creativity and talents of numerous people while keeping clear “focus” on the goal. This new site should be a great asset for dads of all kinds.

  4. Galen Demus


    Great to connect with you and the Manual for Dads work you are doing. This will be a great resource for myself and others looking to push positive fatherhood ideas forward.



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