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More Dadding Wisdom

DadSonForestBckgrndWhen I asked friends to give me their take on what it takes to be a good dad, I got some great examples. Here’s one that I thought took on a tough issue in a really common sense way. Lots of dadding wisdom from another “Mike” in the anecdote that he shared:

I’m inclined to answer your question with an anecdote rather than with abstractions. Continue reading

Being There for Our Kids

DadDaughterOnCurbAs I said in my last post, we would talk about being present to our kids. As a dad you are so important to them that words cannot express the depth of the connection. So the attention you pay to your kids sends them a powerful message and that is: they are important to you. And if they are important to you, their dad, then they have the foundation of self-esteem. Continue reading

Wisdom from Dadding Masters

DaddingMasters92413In my most recent post, “Dads Are Busy Guys” I mentioned that  I had asked many of my friends who are  dadding masters, men of all different ages and backgrounds, to tell me what they thought of dadding. To a man each one had something in his response that dealt with being there or being present or as one said “noticing” their kids.

Today, I will share some of these dadding masters comments with you. I hope you will then share some of your thoughts and experiences with the rest of us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Continue reading

Dads Are Busy Guys

Dad with young son on backFor most of my career as a TV producer I spent lots of time on planes, mostly Delta. And being a friendly guy would always be ready to listen to a seat mates wanting to talk. When they would find out I was involved in producing programs about and for kids, the conversation would often turn to their role as parents. Continue reading

Welcome to The Manual for Dads

Child on dad's shouldersI am a dad and granddad. Throughout my years on dadding duty I have never been able to locate the manual for dads!   So let’s create that manual together, starting right now.

In my blog I will share stories about dads and kids, offer insights I have had as a dad and as an observer of other dads, call upon experts for advice, and ask you to share in developing The Manual for Dads.  The Manual, like parenting, is going to be a work in progress.

“Dadding”is the term I like to use for the activity of being a dad. Fathering sort of implies procreation but dadding means all the things you do for and with your kids. It means not just “doing” but also caring, respecting, guiding, loving your kids at every stage of their lives. Continue reading