Forgiving Dad

Here’s a powerful example of forgiveness that I want to share.
It’s worth a read and gives us all something to think about.


“Your dad has cancer that has spread all over his body…” was the text message that I received from my sister Keisha who heard the information from our Uncle Barney who has been more than a father than Bobby could dream of. I texted back, “That’s unfortunate.”

I didn’t talk about it anymore until 4 days later when Keisha sent another message from Uncle Barney letting me know that Bobby wanted to speak with me and shared the phone number to his hospital room in Florida. I contemplated … and then made a decision. I figured as a growing Christian and as a man with morals that I couldn’t let another human being die without honoring a simple request to hear my voice.  Read More…

1 Huge Key to Understanding Your Daughter

Sometimes we dads need help communicating with our daughters. Here are some great ideas on how to be a great dad to your daughter–how to speak to her heart. Just click to read the whole article.


Dad’s a Genius

I think you’ll enjoy this great memory of one son about his dad and what a “genius” he was to his son.
And, how all Dad’s can store up some genius points–pretty easily–with their sons–and even daughters, too.

Just click the photo below and enjoy this story to inspire all dads.Jays-dad-and-son-at-Wrigley

Raising honorable sons

Here’s a link to a great site on a topic of importance to today’s Dads. I want to
share this great Dad’s resource with you. Just click the picture below and
I think you’ll agree with me that this is a big help for all dads.

Raise Honorable Sons photo

Should We Blame Dad?

We so often say that “the apple does not fall far from the tree” and to some degree that is true. Kids usually turn out like their parents. But it is not uncommon that dangerous kids come from good parents. Kids sometimes do things that a parent cannot imagine where the idea came from.

So when a kid does something criminal should we blame the parent? And the answer is no, at least not all the time. Sure if parents neglect, abuse or give only bad example to their kids, the kids have a good chance of having real problems in the future. They can become bad parents themselves, who have difficulty with relationships.

But often parents do everything right. They are loving, supportive, understanding, and yet their child just becomes someone they don’t really understand or know. This can be the result of mental illness or some other maladjustment in the child that leads to this behavior.

I know of one family with two boys, and one has followed the usual path to success with school, friends and family. The other was a thief at an early age, and despite love and support of his family he has ended up in prison. Another family I know has three children and two have turned out like their parents, responsible, productive and supportive of others. The third is without direction, cannot get any traction to start his life and is now an adult completely unlike the rest of his family. I am sure each of you could add to this list.

The point is we need to show love and support for all dads and moms. When we hear of a tragedy or of someone going astray we should not blame the parents. And as difficult as it is if we are the parents of the kid who goes astray, we must not blame ourselves. Of course we should always examine our behavior, and if we have not fulfilled our obligation as a parent then take responsibility and make amends.

Being a dad is not easy duty. It is important to be the best dad you can be, however things can happen that were beyond your control. We must have respect for ourselves and our vocation as a dad and show that same respect for other dads as well.